72 Hours in Taipei

15th June 2015, Taipei, Taiwan

Titled 72 hours in Taipei, is a single roll that I shot during my visit to Taipei, the entire set was shot in between meetings and off business hours.  I usually shoot more than a single roll of film but during this visit, I was constrained by my tight schedule.

Here I present 13 photographs that I would like to share from the single roll of Lomography 800 Color Negative Film.  They are not in any specific order, none of the photographs are titled as well.  They were simply photographed based on where I was during my duration in Taipei.

This is my second visit to Taipei, I think Taipei is rather interesting, it feels like a cross between, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh and a bit of Hong Kong.  Although Taiwan in general is famous and well know for its electronic components and technology advancement, as a city thats not an impression I get.  In general people seemed to be honest, helpful and humble in comparison to other asian cities I have visited.

I look forward to photograph more in Taipei and rest of Taiwan.  May be photograph more scenic photographs if I ever visit the Tai Chung.

Film: Lomography 800 Color Negative
Camera: Leica M7, 35mm Summicron(1950s)
By: Vishal Soniji
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