About CFP


Hi, my name is Vishal and I am the man behind Camera Film Photo.  By profession I am a I.T. specialist, but now Camera Film Photo has become my full time job and my objective is to share with you what I love and get more people keeping analogue photography alive.

You may  wonder why and how I got into photography. It is really simple. My previous job as a I.T. specialist was  hectic and came with an extreme amount of pressure. I took up photography to help myself relax and to take my mind  off  my hectic life.

I only started photographing with film in 2007, and I became intrigued by the different films and their characteristics. In 2013, I had an amazing opportunity to be the sole distributor for Rollei film, paper and chemistry in Asia took the opportunity and got this awesome range of products out here.

Camera Film Photo is based in Hong Kong, one of the fastest paced and most vibrant cities in the world. After Photokina 2014, our portfolio of distribution has increased and we now distribute the following brands:

  • ILFORD (Hong Kong)
  • Rollei (Asia)
  • Bergger (Asia, excluding China)
  • Cinestill (Asia)
  • AgfaPhoto (Asia, excluding China)
  • Tetenal (Hong Kong)
  • Japan Camera Hunter Cases (Worldwide)
  • Heliopan (Hong Kong)
  • Cura (Worldwide, excluding Japan)
  • TAAB, Lens Focus Tab (Hong Kong)
  • Camera Sling by Sakura (Hong Kong)
  • Extended Photographic Material (Hong Kong)

Other than distribution we are also an online retailer that offers a vast variety of analogue photographic products of the highest quality.

If you have any questions about analogue photography, from choosing the right camera, film or just need some help  getting started, please drop us an email.


Room A5, 15/F
Hang Cheong Factory Building,
No. 1 Wing Ming Street,
Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon,
Hong Kong


MONDAY: 10am – 7pm
TUESDAY: 10am – 7pm
WEDNESDAY: 10am – 7pm
THURSDAY: 10am – 7pm
FRIDAY: 10am – 7pm

Get in touch with us:

t: +852 3955 2211
e: sales@camerafilmphoto.com