Designer Peter Barwick and his Film Photos of Classic Cars

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Designer Peter Barwick, above.


As a designer, Peter Barwick is constantly scanning everything around him, from typography to composition to colors and shapes.  This is turn has had an effect on the way he has approached photography over the years.  According to Barwick: “Being limited to 12, 24 or 36 images on a roll of film you have to slow down and think about the composition of the image you’ll be shooting.  Some of the images come about when you least expect it.  For example in the above image I noticed a shaft of light on the wall beside my friend Mick’s ’50 Mercury. I set up my Mamiya C330 on a tripod to take a shot of Mick siting on his car with this wonderful shaft of light.  Then we switched positions.  In the next photo Mick pressed the shutter release.  The zipper on my jumper was in focus.  My face wasn’t.  Oh, well.  Such are the pleasures of life!”



In his current role as a Global Packaging Design Consultant based in Switzerland, Barwick has never forgotten his love for shooting film.   “I’ve been lucky in that I’ve had the opportunity to use film cameras from an early age, rather than only using digital.”  Barwick has several classic cameras in his collection.  Take for example his Hasselblad 500C, Leica M6, M9-P and R8, Mamiya C330, RB67, 7II, Widelux and Xpan.  Out shooting, Barwick tries to keep it simple and his “simple” images are a delight!
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– Dancing at the Goodwood Revival, Sussex,UK, above.
As with photography, Barwick’s love of the automobile has been part of his life for many years and he has purchased and driven many wonderful classic cars (at the last count almost 100 since buying his first car in his early 20’s). He has some great stories from his many road trips, from buying a ’57 Cadillac from a beautiful red head and ending up in her pool, to driving coast to coast in a ’59 Lincoln Continental, ’68 Oldsmobile convertible, and ’68 Dodge Coronet 440. He has found many classic cars in old barns, and upon meeting a gas station attendant in Arizona, was offered a ’50 Chevy pickup, which he couldn’t refuse, despite having already purchased an old Oldsmobile convertible, ’66 Dodge Charger and ’59 Cadillac Coupe de Ville during the same two week road trip.
The unique ‘Goodwood Revival’ event in Sussex, UK, combines Barwick’s love of design, classic cars, motorbikes and vintage aeroplanes by celebrating motor racing as it used to be with all the glamour of the era. Competitors and spectators alike dress up in period fashions, with the finest sights and entertainment of the pre ’66 era for all to enjoy. For this 3 day event Barwick kept with the vintage theme and used his vintage Mamiya C330 with Koday Tri-X film.  Event participation is by advance ticketing only (

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– Goodwood’s participants dress up in period garb from the 40s, 50s, and 60s, a photographer’s dream, above.


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– The Jaguar above is just one of the many splendid vintage classic cars on display and racing around the Goodwood race circuit.


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– Action at the races, from the pit lane to the the start/finish line at the Goodwood Revival, above and below.

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