CFP’s great new blog—along with my film photographs—by Scott Lynn Riley


The New Blog Takes Off!


CAMERAFILMPHOTO believes in film photography and darkroom work.  Along with the desire to make available a large variety of fine films, cameras and darkroom products, CAMERAFILMPHOTO would like to announce the commencement of this new blog highlighting film photographers—presenting a rare window into their unique styles and productions.  The blog also aims to showcase brilliant camerawork of the past.


I wish to begin by introducing myself, Scott Lynn Riley.  For over three decades I have taken to the road with film cameras to complete photographic assignments in roughly 50 countries.  My publishings have included well over a hundred magazine cover features, including cover features for VOGUE, ESQUIRE and NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE, and the publishing of 17 books.   In 2008, I was selected by the PENTAX CORPORATION to photograph the PENTAX Global Wall Calendar for 2009.  A 220-page photo book on Greece, The Elegance of Santorini Style followed shortly thereafter.  I stay active as a photographer, curator, and cultural researcher.


As you might expect, I greatly prefer film over digital!  What do you think of these examples of my images taken during photographic trips through the East?  I used Canon T-90 bodies with an assortment of New FD manual focus ‘L’ series fixed focal length lenses for color positive work, finding the equipment superb and light enough to carry with me anywhere.  I began by using PKR (Kodachrome 64), then shifted to Fujifilm’s Velvia (50 ASA).  In my opinion, the dynamic qualities of such films cannot be equalled through digital cameras.  There is just something utterly magical about film!  What a joy it is to shoot!




(Images copyright Scott Lynn Riley.  No additional use of photographs allowed.)



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