Oriental Seagull 400 Black & White Film Review

Oriental Seagull 400 Black & White FilmOriental Seagull 400 Black & White FilmOriental Seagull 400 Black & White Film
 It was in late in
February of this year that I learned that Oriental Seagull was coming out with some 35mm film. The film is offered in both ISO 100 and 400. Film photographers all over the world were happy to learn about this bu
t several questions arose from this… Will it be easily available worldwide? and is it truly a new film or a rebranded one?
Weeks passed by without hearing anything else about this
new film but in mid-march I saw a link that brought me on the Facebook page of Camera Film Photo and that’s when I learned that they had a limited quantity of the Oriental Seagull 35mm film. I immediately contacted the fine folks at Camera Film Photo to learn that they offered International shipping. So I placed my small order in for 3 rolls of the 400 ISO film.
Shipping was extremely fast (I live in Canada). I got the package in 7 days!
I’m a medium format film photographers, I only shoot 35mm from time to time, so it took me a while to finish at least 2 rolls of this film.
I mostly shoot portraits in natural light. The portraits were made using a Pentax K1000 SE with a smc Pentax 55mm f/1.8 prime lens
The moon photo was made using a Nikon FG camera on a Lunt Eng. 70mm refractor telescope (420mm focal lenght + 2.5x barlow lens for an effective focal lenght of 1050mm)
All other shots were made with the Nikon FG with a 28-70mm f/2.8 Tokina lens.

 Oriental Seagull 400 Black & White Film

I processed the two rolls in my favorite developer, Rodinal. I used a dilution ratio of 1+25 as recommended by my good friends at Camera Film Photo at a temperature of 20 degrees Celcius for 7.5 minutes. Overall, I’m pleased with the results. I find the grain of this film similar to Tri-X but not as sharp. I still haven’t printed some photos in the darkroom yet but that will come soon. Photos supplied here were scanned with an Epson V500 Photo wich is far from being the best for 35mm film but at least it gives you a good idea 🙂
Oriental Seagull 400 Black & White Film
Oriental Seagull 400 Black & White Film
Oriental Seagull 400 Black & White FilmOriental Seagull 400 Black & White FilmOriental Seagull 400 Black & White Film
Is this rebranded film? The box of the film as no ”Made in” mention on it so it’s hard to tell. The only other 400 ISO black and white film that requires the same recipe (Rodinal 1+25 for 7.5 min.) are Fortepan 400, Kentmere 400 and Ultrafine Xtreme 400. I did shot some Kentmere 400 in the past so I compared both strips. The frame counts are identical (blue circles) and some codes (red circles) are of the same style (see photo). So my conclusion is that there are good chances that this Oriental Seagull 400 film is in fact Kentmere 400 wich is manufactured by Ilford.
As of this writing, I believe that this film is not sold yet in North America so I’m very happy that Camera Film Photo is offering some. Try it out and share your results!!!
Gaetan Cormier is a film photographer from Montreal, Canada
You can visit is website at www.cormierphotography.ca
Be advised that the website contains some art nude photography
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