B&W Fillm Processing Kit Beginner Set



Processing kit:

ISOLAB Beaker 1L x 3
Paterson Changing Bag 27 x 27″ x1
Paterson 12″ Colour Thermometer x1
ISO Lab Measuring Cylinder 50ml x1
ISO Lab Measuring Cylinder 250ml x1
Paterson Super System 4 Unversal Developing Tank x1

Rollei Chemistry set:

RCS Citrin Stop Bath 1L x1
AGFA FIX-Ag Fixer 1L x1
Supergrain Film Developer 500ml x1

Tetenal Chemistry set:

Indicet Stop Bath 1L x1
Superfix Plus Rapid Fixer 1L x1
Ultrafin T-Plus Film Developer 500ml x1


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Product Description

  • This Beginner Set is including 1 B&W Film Processing Accessories Set and 1 Chemistry Set
  • You can choose the Chemistry Set between Rollei and Tetenal

Additional Information


Rollei Set, Tetenal


Beakers and Cylinders, Black & White Film Developer, Chemistry, Film Tanks, Fixer, Stop bath, Thermometer


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