CFP Double-X B&W Film

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  • 1 Roll of CFP Double-X B&W negative film 
  • ISO Speed Rating: 200
  • Film Type: B&W
  • Process: Black & White Developer Here

Out of stock

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Product Description

CFP Double-X Black & White Film negative motion picture film used as still photography film.

This unique film is designed for developing with various developers.  Here is the link for development times: Here

The film’s emulsion is optimised for hybrid workflow and ideal for scanning.


  • Color Balanced Daylight (5500K) B&W negative motion picture film stock for use as still photography film
  • ISO 200/25° in traditional B&W processing.
  • Hand spooled in 36 exposures high quality 135 with Dx-Coded Cartridges
  • Unrivaled highlight latitude
  • High resolution with maximum sharpness
  • Enhanced Scanning Performance
  • Great for for all conditions

Additional Information

Weight0.04 kg
Dimensions5.3 x 3.3 x 13.9 cm


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