CineStill 800 Tungsten Xpro 120

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  • ISO Speed Rating: 800
  • Film Type: Colour
  • Process: C41
  • Remarks: colour-balanced tungsten colour negative motion picture film used as still photography film, unique film, low-light situations, varying looks achievable, rem-jet “Premoval”, unique halation effect, safe to process in standard C41 (lab or home), optimised for hybrid workflow, ideal for scanning, tungsten / incandescent light, fluorescent light, tungsten light mixed with fluorescent or limited daylight, 85B filter recommended, best shot at 500 ISO, can be processed up to 3200 ISO.

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Product Description

CineStill Film 800 Tungsten Xpro 120 is a colour-balanced tungsten colour negative motion picture film used as still photography film.

This unique film is designed for low light tungsten situations and can be used under many different lighting conditions to achieve varying looks. Its rem-jet “Premoval” (free of rem-jet backing) results in a unique halation effect and also makes this film safe to process in standard C41 photo lab machines or at home.

The film’s emulsion is optimised for hybrid workflow and ideal for scanning.

Ideal For:

  • Hybrid Workflow
  • Scanning
  • Use with Tungsten / Incandescent Light
  • Use with Fluorescent Light
  • Use with Tungsten Light Mixed with Fluorescent or Limited Daylight

Tips for Use:


When used in daylight, an 85B filter and shooting at 500 ISO are recommended.

Processing / Developing

This film can be processed up to 3200 ISO; however recommendation is to process at C41. You can also process in ECN-2 chemistry by hand without worrying about rem-jet.

Recommended ISO and acceptable exposure for push processing:

  • ISO 800 – No push – EI 200-1600
  • ISO 1250 – 1 stop push – EI 800-2000
  • ISO 1600 – 2 stop push – EI 1250-3200
  • ISO 3200 – 3 stop push – EI 1600-3200 (added contrast)

Additional Information

Dimensions6.5 x 3.3 x 12.1 cm


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