Cura Cleaning Set with Kumano Brush and Leather Pouch




  • Cura Leather Pouch
  • Cura Micro Wiper 50 sheets
  • Cura Lens Cleaner 15ML
  • Kumano Brush

All listed are (made in Japan)


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Product Description


  1. Cura ” MICRO WIPER ” 
  2. Brush for dusting away dust
  3. Cura lens cleaner solution



Two years since its release, the Cura camera cleaning set in nylon pouch is available for purchase and is used by more users than ever. This year, for users who desire a more high-end product, the set will be available in a pouch made of cow hide with just the right amount of oiling and material feel and with a compressed urethane inner lining to protect your stored filters and media. This is an item for your photography that you will want to use for a long time.

The pocket for the paper is designed with a bold diagonal opening near the top, making it easy to take out one sheet of Micro Wipe paper at a time. That side also has a pocket (about 5cm deep) for small items such as filters.
The opposite side has three pen pockets for items such as a cleaner bottle, brush, and cotton swabs. To keep the items inserted in both sides of the pouch clean, each side has a clear cover.


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