Cura x CFP Sanada Camera Strap Limited Edition (Version 2)



  • Made from: Silk
  • Colours: Version 1, Version 2
  • Length:  100 cm, 125 cm, wrist strap (20cm)
  • Country of Manufacture: Japan
  • Remarks: A camera strap made from traditional Japanese silk, woven by Mr. Touzai Ichimura.  The silk webbing was originated as a strap to hold body armors and Katana swords in the 16th century civil war era, called “Sanada himo”, later applied to various household goods such as straps to hold tea ceremony item, cases and also used for luxury gift wrapping.  The Ichimura family had handed down the skills of silk weaving for the past 100 plus years, and still using traditional wooden looms at their workshop.  The strap is soft in hands, extremely tough, yet retaining the beautiful luster and colors of Japanese ancient silk.

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Sanada strap in the making


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