Fujifilm Neopan ACROS 100 135-36 (3 Rolls)

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  • ISO Speed Rating: 100
  • Grain: Highest standard in ISO-100 black-and-white films
  • Film Type: BW (Black and White)
  • Process: Standard Black & White Chemistry
  • Sharpness: High
  • Exposure Latitude: Wide
  • Remarks: Black-and-white film, superior image quality, smooth sharp depiction, good enlargments, highest grain in ISO 100 B/W films, wide exposure latitude, portraits, outdoors, products, long exposure, photomacrography.

Out of stock

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Product Description

Fujifilm Neopan ACROS 100 135-36 comprises the highest standard in grain quality if ISO 100 black-and-white films. It produces smoother and sharper textual depiction than other comparable films. Big enlargements are no challenge, either.

With outstanding sharpness, wide exposure latitude and rich gradation, this film is suitable for a wide range of photographic applications, including photomacrography.

Ideal For:

  • Portraits
  • Landscape
  • Architecture
  • Long Exposure

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