Ilford Delta 3200 120



  • ISO Speed Rating: 3200
  • Grain: Fine
  • Film Type: BW (Black and White)
  • Process: Ilford Ilfotec DD-X, ID-11
  • Sharpness: High
  • Exposure: Wide
  • Remarks: Black-and-white, fine unobtrusive grain, unsurpassed tonality, ISO-rated speed of 3200, can be pushed to EI 12,500, can be pulled to provide results equal to the best ISO 400 films, wide exposure latitude, low-light conditions, fast action, sports, night time shoots, situations where flash photography is forbidden, difficult conditions.

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Product Description

Ilford Delta 3200 120 is an ultra-speed black-and-white film. It highlights details that set it apart from other films, excelling at high-speed, unobtrusive grain structure and unsurpassed tonality.

This film is an excellent choice for professional photographers shooting under difficult conditions, including fast action, poor lighting and in interiors where flash photography is forbidden.

Designed to be Push-processed, this film’s nominal speed is ISO-rated at 3200. However, it can be further pushed to EI 12,500 with a change of developer, or pulled to provide results equivalent to the best ISO 400 films.

Ideal For:

  • Low-light Conditions
  • Fast Action
  • Sports
  • Night Time Shoots
  • Indoor Architectural Conditions where “flash photography is forbidden”
  • Difficult Conditions

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