Ilford Pan F Plus 50 135-36



  • ISO Speed Rating: 50
  • Grain: Extremely Fine
  • Film Type: BW (Black and White)
  • Process: Ilford Ilfotec DD-X, ID-11
  • Sharpness: Very High
  • Exposure Latitude: Narrow
  • Remarks: Black-and-white film, phenomenal fine grain for incredibly fine detail, excellent sharpness, still life, architecture, portraiture, medical, subjects that demand fine detail and lack of grain, subjects where speed is a secondary consideration, mural-sized prints achievable with correct processing.

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Product Description

Ilford Pan F Plus 20 135-36’s strengths lie in its outstanding resolution: superior detail and extreme lack of grain. These qualities make the film ideal for subjects that demand exquisite detail and finesse over speed: Architecture, still-life, portrature, medical and scientific applications. For the last, Ilford Pan F Plus 135-36 can be developed to a higher contrast. Mural-sized enlargements display a breathtaking range of tone and detail when the film is correctly and carefully exposed and processed.

Ideal For:

  • Still Life
  • Architecture
  • Portraiture
  • Medical
  • Scientific / Technical / Copying Applications
  • Subjects that Demand Fine Detail, Lack of Grain
  • Immobile Subjects where Speed is Secondary to Fine Detail

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