Ilford XP2 400 35mm x 30.5m



  • ISO Speed Rating: 400
  • Grain: Fine
  • Film Type: BW (Black and White)
  • Process: C41
  • Sharpness: Very High
  • Contrast: High (negatives)
  • Exposure Latitude: Extremely Wide
  • Remarks: Black-and-white, chromogenic, sharp, fast, fine grain, general photograhpic subjects, excels when there is a wide subject brightness range, extremely wide exposure, crisp prints, stunning highlights, improved shadows, high contrast negatives, optimal black and white print quality.

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Product Description

Ilford XP2 400 is a sharp, fast, fine-grain, black-and-white film and is chromogenic: Dyes that comprise the image are formed during development rather than being present in the film or added later.

Useable for any photographic subject, Ilford XP2 400 excels when there is a wide subject brightness range. The film’s etremely wide exposure latitude provides extraordinary sharp, crisp prints. The wide exposure latitude results from the unique relationship between exposure and grain in chromogenic films.

Stunning highlights and improved shadows yield high contrast negatives, producing optimum black and white print quality.

Ideal For:

  • General
  • Excellent Results for Wide Subject Brightness Range

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