Imago 320 120



  • Made in: EU
  • Film Type: Black & White Film
  • ISO Speed: 320
  • Grain: Fine
  • Sharpness: Very High
  • Exposure Latitude: Wide
  • Process: B&W
  • Remarks: a Panchromatic Black and White film with ISO 320, pushable up to ISO 800, Fine Grain, High Sharpness, Wide exposure latitude.

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Product Description

IMAGO 320 120

IMAGO 320 is a Black and White Film nominally rated at ISO 320 speed.
It can be used both indoor and outdoor with different light conditions.

IMAGO 320 is a fine grain film with a very high sharpness and a wide exposure latitude. It is a panchromatic film, coated on acetate base and compatible with most of available developers.

  • ISO 320, pushable up to ISO 800
  • Fine Grain
  • High Sharpness
  • Wide exposure latitude
  • Available in 135 and 120 format

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