Kodak Portra 800 135-36



  • ISO Speed Rating: 800
  • Grain: Fine
  • Film Type: Colour Negative
  • Process: C41, Push-/Pull-processing (can be pushed up to ISO 1600)
  • Hue Saturation: High
  • Sharpness: High
  • Remarks: Enlargement capability from a 35mm negative, scanning, improved grain, natural skin tones, superb colour reproduction, optimised sharpness, distinct edges, fine detail.

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Product Description

Kodak Portra 800 120 delivers all the benefits of high-speed film and fine grain, incredible sharpness, excellent natural skin tones and superb colour reproduction. Performance is unparalleled, even in low-light conditions. Foreground, background and shadow details are brilliantly and distinctly rendered. The film can also be pushed to 1600 when you need extra speed.

Ideal For:

  • Long Lenses
  • Fast Action (without flash)
  • Low-light Conditions
  • Studio / Location
  • Indoors / Outdoors
  • Scanning

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