Rollei DIGIBASE CR200 135-36

Rollei CR200 135-36
Rollei CR200 - Credit: Vishal Soniji
Rollei CR200 - Credit: Vishal Soniji
Rollei CR200 - Credit: Vishal Soniji


  • ISO Speed Rating: Medium
  • Film Type: Colour Reversal
  • Grain: Fine
  • Process: E6, Cross-processing
  • Hue Staturation: High
  • Remarks: Small detail clarity, dimensional stability, palette purity, exact grey balance, dynamic special effects with cross-processing, archival stability (with correct processing)

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Product Description

Rollei DIGIBASE CR200 Twin Pack 135-36 is a dual-process film suitable for standard medium speed colour reversal (slide) or cross-processing to achieve dynamic special effects. Its high-colour saturation and colour balance combine with exact grey balance and fine grain to record even the smallest details with the greatest clarity.

Ideal For:

  • Sharp image, even in the smallest details.
  • High colour saturation and colour purity.
  • Exact grey balance.
  • Good reciprocity characteristics.
  • Good processing stability.
  • Processing in E6 chemistry.
  • Good archival properties when correctly processed.
  • Excellent dimensional stability.

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