Rollei Retro 400S – 120



  • ISO Speed Rating: 400
  • Grain: Extremely Fine
  • Film Type: BW (Black and White)
  • Process: Rollei Supergrain, Rollei RLS, R09/Rodinal, ID-11, XTOL
  • Sharpness: High
  • Exposure Latitude: Wide
  • Remarks: Black-and-white, ISO 400/270, extremely sharp, excellent contrast, high acutance, fine grain, fast, exposure range of ± 1, portraiture, outdoor, landscape, fine art, general, professional, wide exposure latitude, extraordinary dimensional and long-term stability.

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Product Description

Rollei Retro 400s – 120 is a fast, fine-grained black-and-white film that is ideal for general purpose photography and almost every professional job. It is a panchromatic sensitised film with an ISO-rated speed of 400/270. Thanks to its extremely fine grain, exposure range of ± 1 over- and under-exposure capacity, print results possess superb sharpness, excellent contrast and high acutance.

This film’s emulsion is coated onto a transparent synthetic base, thus providing excellent dimensional and long-term stability.

Ideal For:

  • Portraiture
  • Outdoor
  • Landscape
  • Fine Art
  • General
  • Professional

Tips for Use:


This film should be loaded and unloaded in subdued light.

Additional Information

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